New Years Resolutions – Disney Style

New Years Resolutions – Disney Style

We’re half way through January and as I sit here eating the remains of my Christmas chocolate, I wonder whether I ever really intended to stick to my New Years Resolutions this year. So instead of worrying about how and when my other resolutions will go down the drain, I’m going to make some resolutions that are a bit more fun and of course- Disney themed!

  1. Visit a Disney Park
    This one should be easy but as I have no current plans to return to a Disney park, I want to write it down to make sure I get myself together and book something before the year is through.
  2. Organise my pins
    As I said in my last post, I have collected a lot of Disney pins over the years and they are all currently sat in my room on old cork boards, some are still in bags even! This year I want to find a way to display them nicely in my room.
  3. Print off my Cruise Line photos
    This time last year I was finishing up the most amazing contract working for Disney Cruise Line. Sadly I was unable to return for my second contract but I had so much fun the first time round and want to make sure I keep those memories safe by filling up my photo album I bought whilst I was there.
  4. Blog about my Disney Parks holiday
    Since my first resolution is to get to a Disney park, I want to make sure capture as much as possible from my trip and really utilise this space and my Instagram to share all the fun I have!
  5. Watch Beauty and the Beast in cinemas
    I am so excited about this film coming out so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to get to a cinema and see it. But I often find that I don’t prioritise films and by the time I’ve actually got round to trying to book tickets it’s already out on DVD, which is great but isn’t quite the same as a cinema experience.

So there are a few New Year’s Resolutions for me to stick to over the next twelve months. Hopefully this time next year I can look back and say I completed them all and set myself some new and exciting goals. Let me know what you think of my resolutions and if you had any Disney resolutions of your own!


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