My Take on the Disneyland Paris Dining Plans

My Take on the Disneyland Paris Dining Plans

With my Disneyland Paris holiday fast approaching, I figured it was time to figure out the most important part of the trip: food. Within my hotel reservation I received the half  board standard Disney Meal Plan (more on what that means later) and, if I’m totally honest, this confused me more than a little bit. I’ve always found the Paris meal plans quite confusing but I figured this was a great opportunity to try it out and see if I could get my head around it and hopefully help some other people out at the same time!

So there are quite a number of options for Dining Plans at Paris, but these can be broken down into three categories; standard, plus and premium. Then within each category you have the option of full board or half board. As you would imagine, the full board option covers all your meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. But unlike it’s counterpart in Walt Disney World, Florida, the meal plans in Paris don’t include any snacks or additional drinks (you get one soft drink per meal). The half board meal plans cover your breakfast at your hotel and either your lunch or dinner, but only two meals during the day rather than three. I plan on reviewing the Disney Meal Plan again once I return from my trip but as a quick tip, I have always found that having multiple sit down meals every day is very time consuming. So if you want to make the most of your time in the parks, I would recommend going for the half board meal plan and picking up snacks or quick service meals to keep you going in between.

Once you’ve decided on wither full or half board, the next thing to consider is whether you want the standard, plus or premium plan. The difference between the three is the choice of restaurants you are eligible to eat at as part of the plan. have a great chart showing which restaurants are included in each plan so I will link that below for you to peruse. Simply put, the standard plan allows you to eat at any all-you-can-eat buffet style restaurants whilst the plus plan gives you a number of table service options on top of the standard options. The premium plan includes all restaurants on Disney property, including character dining experiences and the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show at Disney Village. If you are planning on visiting character dining then it is probably worth taking advantage of the premium dining plan. If not then this may be an unnecessary expense and you might be better suited to one of the other plans.

As I mentioned earlier, I am booked onto the standard half board meal plan. On first glace I can’t say that I’m overly impressed by the restaurant choices available within this plan. It essentially includes the hotel restaurants plus a couple of locations in the Disneyland Park and one option in both Disney Studios and Disney Village. Having visited Agrabah Cafe on a previous trip, the restaurants I have chosen to visit on my three day holiday are: Plaza Gardens on Main Street, Restaurant de Stars in the Studios Park and La Grange at Billy Bobs in Disney Village. Unless you plan on venturing to the hotels, your restaurant choices on this plan are pretty much limited to the four locations mentioned above. Also be aware that Restaurant de Stars currently closes at 4PM so there is no option on the standard meal plan right now to get dinner in the Disney Studios Park.

Whilst I am slightly disappointed with the lack of options available, I am really looking forward to these new dining experiences. And I think it will definitely be worth the money since we are getting two all-you-can-eat meals each day of our stay. In addition I should mention that the plan works on a voucher system, which you present when you go for your meal to “cash in” your Dining Plan for that day. You can also use the vouchers in other restaurants which are not part of your meal plan. This will allow you to knock the meal plan value off your bill so you only have to pay the difference in price. This isn’t something I am looking at for this holiday but may be useful if you have used the Meal Plan before and want to try some new restaurants.

So what do you guys think of the Disneyland Paris Dining Plans? Have you used them before? If so, what did you think? Also let me know if you have been to any of the restaurants mentioned above and if you have any food suggestions comment below!

Have a magical day 🙂

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