Dapper Day!

Dapper Day!

In 2016 I was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World in Florida a couple of times. And on my final trip to the sates in November, I was able to attend my first ever Dapper Day in Epcot. I’m going to tell you now I had an absolute blast! But keep reading to find out a bit more about my experience and some tips and tricks for if you’re planning on attending Dapper Day.

So for anyone who doesn’t know, Dapper Day is an event hosted twice each year in Disney Parks around the world. I believe they currently have both spring and fall events in Florida, California and Paris. The events are not Disney organised but are a big part of Disney Culture and have been professionally run for a number of years now. Dapper Day is a day where people dress up in fancy outfits, just like the first ever guests who entered Disneyland park, and celebrate vintage clothing and style. You can participate in the event as much or as little as you like and there are generally expos, group photos and various other things to do throughout the dapper day weekend. There are no set outfit requirements so you can dress as fancy or as subtle as you like. I bought a 50s inspired dress and accessories along with my friend and we had a fantastic time. But equally there were other guests wearing more modern dresses and more casual attire so the choice is yours!

I have to say I absolutely loved my Dapper Day experience, it was so much fun dressing up to go to the parks! We took loads of pretty photos and met some lovely people with fantastic outfits. Everyone who participated in Dapper Day was so friendly and complimentary of other peoples outfits which made the whole atmosphere really nice. It was great to spot those who were Disney bounding and meet some of the people I knew from social media too. The actual day is set in one particular park at Walt Disney World, this year it was Epcot (next year I think its Epcot and Magic Kingdom) but we drifted over to Hollywood Studios later on and still managed to find other Dapper people over there so didn’t feel out of place. There were people of all ages getting involved including families and groups so there are really no limits on who can join in, just have fun with it!

The best piece of advice I can give for Dapper Day is to get there early. Generally the events are at the weekend so the parks are busier anyway, but with all the dapper people trying to get to the same location, expect queues and fairly long wait times at bag check and the main entrance to the park. If you can take Disney transport it saves having to find a parking space so that’s a good idea too! Another piece of advice would be to follow the official Dapper Day social media so that you can stay updated on what’s going on. Definitely look out for announcements about the group photo and go along to that because that was a lot of fun! And if you’re planning your vacation in advance, check Dapper Day before you book anything because they often get fab discounts on rooms at Disney resorts too!

Beyond that my advice would be to have fun and take lots of photos! We certainly spent a long time getting ready for this event and wanted lots of photos to remember it. We also got loads of photos with other people at the event, so if you are chatting to someone or meet someone with an awesome Dapperbound, ask for a photo with them to remember your experience! Also don’t feel like you have to stick with the Dapper Day group the whole day, we certainly didn’t and still had a ball. But be prepared for people asking why you’re so dressed up because that will definitely happen!

So there you have it. Go out and enjoy all you dapper people! I will leave links to the official Dapper Day website below so you can find out more info, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! And let me know how your Dapper Day experience was, and what you’re planning for your next one!


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